Merry Christmas Reunion


I am so thankful to you and Patricia Lawrence for finding my nephews and nieces!! You have given me more happiness than I could have imagined. Also, I have been sad to find that the Chris and Charles had to bring themselves up. I think they have turned out to be nice young men, and we blessed to have Chris with us for a few days at Christmas. I did send you some pics on a different e-mail, and I will also send some to Patricia Lawrence unless you forward this to her. Please let me know if you forward the pics and this to her.

 I have told the story of how you found my family for me, and everyone is amazed. I tell them how wonderful you and Patricia were to me, and that I will be forever grateful to you both!

 Have a wonderful 2014, and keep finding people for people. 

Thank you again, 

Betty Fishburn


Happy Holidays and our Reunion Update

Hi Julie,

 I thought I would update you on our Uncle Jim delaCruz in Bullhead City, AZ. you helped find.

He has made contact with his family (his three sons) and he has called my mom and his two other Aunt and other Uncle..on Thanksgiving...They all thought it was a wonderful surprise to talk to him again..It has been over 17 years since they had all talked..Looking to the future and hope they all stay in contact again..

Again..thanks for finding him for us.. 

Happy Holidays, 


A nice Thanks from Michelle

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Sent: 5/7/2013 3:36:20 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Thank you

Hi Pam,

I just wanted to take the time to let you know that I talked with my birth mother this afternoon. Yesterday when oyu called I had to collect my thoughts and think about what I wanted to ask. It was one of the moments that I didn't think would be so hard. I went into this wanting my health information and after thinking about it all night I found that I also wanted to know if this was an easy decission for her and information about my bio father. 

She was able to give me a great deal of health information. She also, without me asking, told me that it was not a decission that she took lightly and was able to inform me that my father had died in the early 80's. 

Thank you again for helping me with this process. You were wonderful, positive in everyway. I appreciate all the kind words and encouragement. After all the emails and phone calls I feel that you are part of my life now!