An Update from Karin! DNA is a match!

Dear Susan,
My name is Karin and you contacted me back in March about a possible match.  My sister contacted me and since then my birth mother and I took a dna test that came back positive.  I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful website and attention to detail.  It was an absolute miracle that my sister found me given the limited information on a birth certificate.  I have 7 brothers and sisters and will be flying back to Florida this July to meet them and my birth mother for the first time. Thank you again.

Melinda's Successful Search!

In-between a course of unprecedented events, I came into being.

About age 13, I was informed that I came from a different family. It was not surprising as I had already realized how different each of us were.

From that point on, the Universe was unbalanced with the world off it's axis.  My High School alma mater "Climb Every Mountain" took on a greater significance.

Hard work, drive & determination to have the "Impossible Dream" brought me a successful career, three wonderful children & six adorable grandchildren.  However it did Not fill the void of the unknown.

After retiring it became essential to find our "Missing Links". Employing the forces of our Information highway, the Internet, along with the Professional Resources used by Search Quest America & hard work of others researching, within a six week period of time I struck gold!!

The list of some relations I have found include: my 88 year old mother, a sister & her family, nephews, nieces & a countless number of cousins! There are not enough words to describe the elated, elevated "Sense of Belonging" one has in knowing their "True Identity".

Although the search continues for my father's side & for some others, much time is spent with the new "found" family playing catch-up of the past few decades!  I can never say "Thank You" enough to Everyone that has helped make this happen!  The biggest Praise going to Him above. It is beyond Awesome to be Home!!!

Melinda Leggett

Jennie's Update and Thanks

Hi Pam,
Just wanted to say THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Very| much!!! I wanted to give you an update! I am so excited, it has been amazing! I emailed Dinah, She got back to me when she got home from California. We have bonded so fast, she has already taken on the "Big Sister" role. We have talked on the phone and are sending pictures back and forth, I am so happy I cannot describe my feelings! She is wonderful!! I have read our mom everything and she is now in the process of telling my brothers, she has told 3 out of the four since yesterday. They are very accepting and are wanting to meet with Dinah!!! I believe that our mother  needed this so badly right now, hopefully she can heal. Just telling this big secret and everyone accepting it and not judging her has lifted a big weight off of her shoulders. I am so excited!!!! We are going to meet!!! I love her already| and it feels like it should have always been there. Very hard to describe, I just wanted to tell you Thank you for finding her for me and my family.
You are wonderful!!!!